It’s painful

Jesus said I am the true vine. We are his branches. The father trims every branch that does not produce fruit. And prunes the branches that do so that they may produce more fruit. 

Pruning is painful. But it makes us produce more fruit. 

Refining gold. It goes through the fires of refining. It would be painful, but the bad stuff all gets skimmed off and then it is pure gold. 

When you’re sick. To get rid of the bad stuff, you take buckleys. It tastes awful, but it works! It’s painful, but the outcome is a better you. 

Going through these painful things is hard. But look at the reward at the end. You will be a better version of you. Your character will grow. Your fruit will increase. You gain authority over that process.

Even though going through the process is hard and painful, I never want to miss it. It gives me an opportunity to grow and to rely on God. It gives me a reason to trust in His faithfulness. 

John 15:8 - ”You give glory to my Father when you produce a lot of fruit and therefore show that you are my disciples.”

We give him glory when we produce fruit! He wants us to be successful. He wants us to excel for his glory. 

If it will bring you glory, Lord, prune away every bad thing in my life. Take me through the processes of life so that I can be learn and grow from them. 
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